Marie-France Lévesque

Marie-France Lévesque holds a Degree in Music and Dance from Old-Montreal College,
Canada and she has studied piano, grand organ, composition, counterpoint, theory,
solfeggio and music history among other music classes at the highly distinguished
“Vincent d’Indy Conservatory of Music” of Montreal, Canada for 12 years and began
teaching at age 17. She has now been a seasoned music and piano teacher for over 25
years in Los Angeles and she recently was teaching at the Middle and High School at
Viewpoint Independent School. She loves to share her passion, experience and
knowledge of music to inspire students of all experience levels to find and pursue their
own passions and express themselves through music as a means of developing their
creativity as well as to instill a positive, healthy and empowering attitude which will
reflect in their schooling and their life. As a teacher, her pedagogical philosophy is to
make the best of each student’s talent, to use and develop the qualities of each person to
maximize each individual’s potential.