ASC’s Pro-tools Composition Class

Pro Tools class can offer a huge advantage for those who want to compose or produce on any level. Pro Tools remains the industry standard and is required knowledge by most recording studios. Unfortunately, without a guide, it can seem pretty impossible to navigate (even with videos). Learning what to look for and how to use the features will provide a fundamental understanding of how modern mixing is accomplished. This is why ASC is proud to announce the opening of our all new Pro-tools Composition Class.

There are classes for kids, but they are few and far between. Most cater to adults already in the industry. GarageBand is a great starting DAW (digital audio workstation). The interface is more user-friendly than Pro Tools for a newcomer. The drawback is that it is significantly underpowered in comparison and lacks quality features to fine tune mixes. Learning Pro Tools will help you to use any other DAW you may come across, including GarageBand.

We approach this class like any music class in that you learn the basics of what you’re looking at through hands-on experience. Everything becomes much easier when you have a solid grasp of how to use your “instrument.” Start slow, ask questions, and practice simple tasks until it’s second nature.

If you are looking to develop your skills not only as a musician, but as a composer in this industry, then join our Pro-Tools Class!

For more information and pricing, contact us at:
(818) – 436 – 2675