Band Program

Beginner level (age 7-12)
Intermediate to Advanced level (age 12 and up)

Participating in a band program gets young musicians involved with others. Yourchild can learn about teamwork and how being part of a group involves certainresponsibilities. When one student forgets to bring his instrument or presentswithout being prepared, the whole rehearsal can fall apart. Knowing that othersare relying on you can help increase a child’s self-confidence. Being in a band is also super fun! Whether your child ultimately goes into a music-related profession or simply plays in the band for a couple years to have fun, he or she will gain enormous amount of experience. Anyone who is registered in a band program is eligible to participate in our annual recitals and other performance opportunities. We highly recommend students to enroll in weekly instrumental lessons to have the best experience in a band. One band director is available to supervise the entire 45 minutes rehearsal each week.