Piano Lessons

Beginner, intermediate, or advanced piano students of all ages are welcomed. Ourpiano instructors will teach how to read notes and fundamental music theory to help youto play your favorite piano pieces. Our instructors make sure that you are not only learning but also having a lot fun in each session.

We help students with ABRSM piano exam each year, and it’s a great way to motivatethe students and take the learning process to the next level. Our studio mainly uses thePiano Adventures series by Nancy&Randall Faber for the lessons, but different methodbooks can be used upon request. All of our piano students are eligible to participate inour annual recitals, and other performance opportunities.

Guitar / Bass Guitar Lessons

We teach beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitar students ages 5 and up.All of our private guitar lessons are customized to your level, style that you want tolearn, and pace of learning. Both acoustic and electric guitars can be taught. You can have a trial lesson with one of our instructors, and you will have access to our 3/4-size version Squire Mini electric guitar. But bringing your own instrument is required once you sign up.
Your child can improve even faster with our weekly band program. Make friends with band members and learn how to work with others in an ensemble setting. All of our guitar students are eligible to participate in our annual recitals, and other performance opportunities

Voice Lessons

What’s more fun and natural than singing? Students will learn not only how to sing theirfavorite songs but also learn many useful techniques including vocal projection, posture,breathing, diction, range extension and vibrato. All vocal students will also improve theirmusicianship by learning music in the solfege system. Solfege is a method of eartraining. It helps students hear music in their head, freeing them from dependence on ascore, instrument or recording. Students can learn pitch, harmony and sight readingwith this method. Children who learn solfege can eventually read a score and hear the
music internally, without singing.
Our method books include the Singing Lessons for Little Singers by G. Blakenbehlerand world-renowned Solfege de Solfeges by A.Danhauser.
We teach beginner, intermediate, or advanced voice students ages 5 and up.Our vocal students are encouraged to take either piano lessons or join our musical theatre program or band program as well.

Violin Lessons

We teach beginner, intermediate, or advanced violin and viola students of all ages 5 and up. Our violin teachers start from how to hold the violin and position the hands on the violin strings during violin lessons.
Younger students are required to either rent or purchase proper sized violin that the instructor supervised. Our instructors can teach any genre and style of music that your child wishes to learn. We help students with ABRSM violin exam each year, and it’s a great way to motivate the students and take the learning process to the next level. More advanced students can audition at youth symphony orchestras with our instructors’ guidance.

Drum Lessons

Playing drums is extraordinary fun. No matter you’re beginners or professional. It’s a highly enjoyable way to awaking primordial rhythms. It makes you really happy.University of Oxford psychologist has shown that drumming generates a similar rush of endorphins and reduces frustration, disappointment, dejection, and stress. Playing drum help both kids and adults with their consistency and motor skills. Playing the drum utilizes hands, fingers, arms, and feet. It requires simultaneous and perfect things which improve rhythmic consistency and can even foster ambidextrousness.
Drum lessons are available at our school for all levels and ages 5 and up. Drum students will have access to Roland electronic drum kit located at After School Conservatory. Beginners students can purchase practice pad and sticks prior to buying an actual drum set. Drum students are highly encouraged to join our band program to get more practice done in an ensemble setting.

Other Instruments

We also offer lessons on other instruments that are not listed but available upon request.