Drum Lessons

Playing drums is extraordinary fun. No matter you’re beginners or professional. It’s a highly enjoyable way to awaking primordial rhythms. It makes you really happy.University of Oxford psychologist has shown that drumming generates a similar rush of endorphins and reduces frustration, disappointment, dejection, and stress. Playing drum help both kids and adults with their consistency and motor skills. Playing the drum utilizes hands, fingers, arms, and feet. It requires simultaneous and perfect things which improve rhythmic consistency and can even foster ambidextrousness.
Drum lessons are available at our school for all levels and ages 5 and up. Drum students will have access to Roland electronic drum kit located at After School Conservatory. Beginners students can purchase practice pad and sticks prior to buying an actual drum set. Drum students are highly encouraged to join our band program to get more practice done in an ensemble setting.