Voice Lessons

What’s more fun and natural than singing? Students will learn not only how to sing theirfavorite songs but also learn many useful techniques including vocal projection, posture,breathing, diction, range extension and vibrato. All vocal students will also improve theirmusicianship by learning music in the solfege system. Solfege is a method of eartraining. It helps students hear music in their head, freeing them from dependence on ascore, instrument or recording. Students can learn pitch, harmony and sight readingwith this method. Children who learn solfege can eventually read a score and hear the
music internally, without singing.
Our method books include the Singing Lessons for Little Singers by G. Blakenbehlerand world-renowned Solfege de Solfeges by A.Danhauser.
We teach beginner, intermediate, or advanced voice students ages 5 and up.Our vocal students are encouraged to take either piano lessons or join our musical theatre program or band program as well.