Elementary School

Students are in the crucial stage of early childhood development. During this period they must develop a solid foundation upon which higher education is built. After working with our qualified tutors, students emerge with a clear grasp of reading, writing and math fundamentals. Our tutors have years of experience working with young children and create a fun, exciting learning environment, fostering an enthusiasm for learning which later evolves into excellent study habits and academic skills. These skills also come in handy when preparing for private school entrance exams, such as the ISEE and SSAT.

High School

Can be an overwhelming time for a lot of students. Even those with excellent study skills need help occasionally. We have expert instructors for every subject, even at AP or Honors level. From simply raising a GPA to helping with college applications, our tutors will provide support and guidance throughout students’ academic endeavors.

Middle School

Is a challenging time as students transition to multiple instructors and more complex academic content. Additionally, they are required to study more for tests, outline reading, and take notes. Students must learn these essential skills to create a strong foundation for high school curriculum. Our tutors will assist in building these core competencies.

SAT & College Admissions Test Prep

we also offer test prep for SAT and other college entrance exams such as the ACT. Our tutors will identify each student’s areas of improvement and explain complex concepts with an easy-to-understand method that will put the student at ease and insure success.

Special Needs

Students with learning disabilities require different methods when it comes to instruction. The wide range of behavioral disorders and learning disabilities makes it necessary for special education to be tailored to each student. Our tutors are committed to providing tutoring customized to each individual student’s needs. We often work with your school’s teachers and counselors to meet the specifications of your child’s IEP, and can provide invaluable feedback about the child in a personalized setting.